M&M Decking in Saskatoon knows how to get you out of your deck maintenance chores.


Vinyl decking from DekSmart, installed by our experienced team, can be the difference between a simple deck finish that lasts and lasts, and summer after summer spent scraping and painting.



About Vinyl Decking


Vinyl decking is a deck covering that we lay over plywood on your existing deck structure. The vinyl is adhered with a specialized glue that is rated for hot and cold temperatures (even in Saskatchewan!) and creates a waterproof membrane that protects both the deck sub floor (the plywood) and the structure itself.


No more water damage! No more rotting boards! Vinyl decking provides a consistent surface that is simple to clean and keep free of snow in the winter.

About M&M Decking in Saskatoon


M&M Decking in Saskatoon is an official retailer for DekSmart products and can supply and install any of the vinyl deck finishes shown in Vinyl Options. Just ask us! We're here to help.


We just need to know the size of your deck and we can take care of the rest. We can even install the plywood on your deck if required, or we can install the decking on plywood that you've installed before we arrive.


Either way, you'll have a beautiful deck to enjoy in no time! Installation takes only a few hours (depending on the size of your deck) and can be used as soon as we've finished.


Ready for a better way to enjoy your outdoor spaces? Contact us for an estimate.